Founder’s Day 2016: Celebrating 25 Years of Spirit Service and Strength as Lynn

Today marks Lynn’s birthday as the campus celebrates its annual Founders Day.

“I love Founders Day,” said Honey Frydman, academic coach in the Institute for Achievement and Learning. “It is my favorite day of the year.”

This year, the University celebrates 54 years of educating students as Marymount College, the College of Boca Raton and finally as Lynn University from 1991 onward. The student body, team of administration and the physical campus itself have all seen massive developments that make the university the beacon of spirit, service and strength it is today.

Kicking off the day’s festivities at 9 a.m. is the Great Beginnings Breakfast which recaps the history of the institution as it stands. At the breakfast, students will get to listen as President Kevin Ross and other longtime university supporters speak on all that has occurred in the 25 years since Lynn was given its current name.

“[It’s] a time to examine the roots of Lynn,” said Dr. Gregg Cox, vice president of Academic Affairs. “Looking back is an important first step in planning the future.”

Following the breakfast at noon is the biggest event of the day, the annual Canoe Challenge. The Canoe Challenge is one of the most exciting events of the year for students, staff and faculty as they form teams of three and brave one of the largest campus lakes in a competitive race around the water. While some students are masters at sailing, others will find themselves treading water after falling out of their small ship.

At 5 p.m., the family picnic and festival begins on the Schmidt and Green Center lawn; at this time, the Lynn community will likely find itself indulging in fried OREOs and assorted pies, among other sweet treats for the celebration.

“They’re like a heart attack wrapped up in a ball of creamy goodness,” remarked Brooke Rudisill, graduate student. “But I never regret eating them each year.”

Throughout the festival, live music and activities like face painting are available for students to partake in. Additionally, free shirts commemorating the date are distributed by the Knights of the Roundtable.

Whether students choose to celebrate Lynn’s history by learning at the Great Beginnings breakfast, battling for bragging rights in a canoe or by demolishing a wealth of baked goods at the picnic, there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Founders Day is one of the most exciting days of the year.

“I would tell people who have never come before that it is a great experience,” said Toni Jordan, graduate student. “There’s nothing else quite like Founders Day, so students shouldn’t miss it.”

Brian Martin

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