Bringing the Best of the Amazon to the United States

Students who need energy but do not like coffee can now look to RUNA tea for a potential fix.

Guayusa is a super-leaf from the Amazon that is naturally packed with caffeine, polyphenols and 15 essential amino acids to provide a clean and focused energy. Unlike green and black tea, Guayusa is smooth and naturally sweet.
Tyler Gage and Dan MacCombie, founders of RUNA, discovered the product while exploring the traditions of the people who lived in the Amazon.
Gage started living with the Kichwa people in the Ecuadorian Amazon to experience the culture and it was there that he was introduced to Guayusa. Both Gage and MacCombie witnessed how unsustainable activities such as the logging of rainforest trees were the only means that locals had to pay for education and medicine.
In an effort to help battle these issues, Gage and MaCombie founded RUNA in 2009, days after graduating from college. RUNA is currently buying Guayusa leaves from over 2,300 farming families. The business respects cultural traditions, maintains the integrity of the Amazon rain forest and supports small farmers.
“RUNA is proving that businesses in the Amazon can be good for the environment and the preservation of traditional cultural practices, while [also] supporting producers and connecting them to consumers around the world,” said MacCombie on the RUNA website.
“The energy you get from this drink is unlike coffee and traditional energy drinks. It has been thought of as clean energy,” said Gage about the drink. “It’s how we described what Amazonian hunters call, ‘the mental strength and courage’ they get when they drink Guayusa.”
The compounds in Guayusa provide lasting energy with no harsh chemicals, so that feelings of burn-out are avoided.
Guayusa contains twice the antioxidants of green tea. According to reports, the compounds prevent premature aging, contribute to cardiovascular health, regulates body weight and assists with reducing high blood pressure. Among the 15 essential amino acids that Guayusa contains is ferulic acid, which helps improve blood circulation.
Those eager to find a coffee alternative that is packed with an abundant of health benefits, can find great interest in RUNA and the products that they provide. While discovering Amazon wonders like Guayusa, consumers can take pride in their efforts to give back the Amazon community and the people who live within it.

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