iPulseLive: Bringing the Latest Up-to-Date News from Campus and Around the World

Curious about the day’s latest activities? Interested in learning more about world news, local happenings and campus events? Then make sure to tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:15 p.m. for iPulseLive, Lynn’s brand new take on a local news channel. Twice a week, iPuse Live hosts live-streaming broadcasts of current events from around the world, within the nation and regarding campus-life.

iPulseLive began last March as a small production. Growing since with the start of a new semester, the production now involves a full-functioning staff of camera operators, control center directors and prompter personnel. The staff takes turns at  each position with a brand new system involving a three-group rotation.

Grace Goodenough, floor manager, makes sure all the cameras and prompters are working before the show goes live.

“The professionalism of the set and the staff taking it seriously is what makes me love being apart of iPulseLive,” said Goodenough, sophomore. “I really enjoy being apart of this production because it gives me hands on experience [in the field] I want to do when I graduate college.”

The staff of iPulseLive are hoping to bring it to the television screens on campus in the next few months; transforming it into a real-like news experience like that of CNN or NBC. This offers students the opportunity  to have full access to campus news on a weekly basis.

“iPulseLive is my baby,” said Christopher Daniels, producer. “I take it very seriously and really want to make it something big for the university.”

According to Daniels and the rest of the show staff, the idea of streaming content live in the cafeteria or on other screens around campus is exciting, providing students with the latest news developed and distributed by peers and classmates. The commitment to weekly news also showcases  the hard work put forth by students involved with production, in order to put Lynn one-step ahead of any other university.

“I have seen the notifications for iPulseLive on my Twitter and [have] always wondered what it was until I watched it,” said Nikki Mannarino, senior. “I think iPulseLive is great and I really enjoy seeing what stories they will talk about each week.”

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