Why New French Eatery Is Love At First Bite

By Caroline Duerr

Staff Writer


Students with a taste for French cuisine have a lot to gain with everything that the Bakery of France, located in the heart of Boca, has to offer.

They can say bonjour to a team of workers that greet them as they walk in and to Marie-Jose Toutain, the establishment’s owner, who is usually working just behind the counter.

Toutain has owned Bakery of France, located at 625 NE Spanish River Boulevard, for the past three years, after moving across oceans from Paris.

“I was born and raised in Paris,” said Toutain. “I left Paris, and opened up this family business with my son, who works at the other location at 6030 Southwest 18th Street. It was onto another adventure!”

Customers have much to experience between listening to Toutain’s ambitious move across the Atlantic pond and discovering the quality of dining that the Bakery of France provides. When walking into the café, customers are immediately greeted to French classics, starting with lines of pastries and crepes of all varieties.

“My favorite item on the menu, despite all the pastries and sweet crepes, is the Crepe Madame,” said Toutain. “The classic crepe is filled with ham, Swiss and topped with a fried egg.

Other customer favorites include the signature roast beef sandwich, the authentic French onion soup, as well as homemade quiches and hearty chicken and pear salads. For those with a sweet tooth, the popular French- traditional dessert crepe, the Grand Marnier, is enough to create excitement. The dish is filled with butter, sugar and a drizzle of orange liquor.

Additional dishes also include Escargots seasoned with unic garlic butter, sautéed mushrooms and served on an artisan bread basket. Those over the age of 21 may compliment their dish with a glass of authentic French wine or Pommery champagne, at the suggestion of Toutain.

Yet despite all the options available to patrons, Toutain asserts that the freshness of the food is the Bakery of France’s main priority. Everything from the plethora of breads and pastries, to the quiches and meat goods, are made from scratch on the day of distribution.

“Everything here is made fresh daily. Nothing on the menu is premade,” added Toutain. “Our bakers and chefs come in everyday at 4 a.m. to get started.”

Positive customer feedback, quality meals and menu displays that ring true to a traditional French- palate will, as Toutain guarantees, leave Bakery of France customers with a love at first bite.



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