Are You Ready To BBG?

By Dominique Marghella


To many, Lynn junior Gabriella Nicolia may be the next smash-hit BBG trainer. Although communications is her area of study at Lynn, Nicolia’s passion for fitness is a key component to her overall character.

Now, with the start of her own class inspired by the Bikini Body Guide, more notably known as BBG, held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7:00 p.m., Nicolia has the chance to spread her love for movement and health to all those ready to get moving, to get healthy and to find their confidence.

“I am not afraid to be who I am [and I am not] ashamed of my past,” said Virginia Mangum, freshman, whose past battle with anorexia inspired her to find a healthy-approach to fitness. “I’m here to show that I can turn my life around and be fit. The BBG class with Gabriella Nicolia is really helping me feel confident.”

Nicolia came across the BBG program when she discovered Australian fitness phenomenon, Kayla Itsines. With over 5.6 million social media followers, Itsines grew in popularity after developing “Bikini Body Guide,” a fitness program that provides full workouts and meal plans. After trying the program for herself over the summer, Nicolia was inspired by her results. Feeling that it was important for students at Lynn to access to these workouts, Nicolia began her quest to teach a BBG class of her own.

“I joined the class to be more fit and active,” said Maria Guerrero, freshman. “[And] living in Florida means we have to be in bikini’s all year round!”

The BBG plan is a 12-week program that, according to Nicolia, has proven successful for millions worldwide. Nicolia aspires to take on the legacy left-behind by Itsines, hoping to one-day travel across the globe to inspire women to lead healthy, active life-styles.
“The BBG class has helped me create a healthy habit and make new friends, “ said Cruz Molina, freshman.

Nicolia’s BBG classes will be held at the Old Lynn dorm building on the third floor. According to Nicolia, each day is different and focuses on one part of the body like our legs or arms.

For more information, visit the Lynn app under “Events at Lynn,” or stop by Lynn’s own gym to check out latest BBG advertisements and postings.


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