Avoid The Dreaded “Freshman 15” With These Simple Recipes


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There is a tendency that when students leave their home to go attend college, they gain extra pounds due to the lack of home cooked food on campus. However, there is a solution to this common problem.

Although some lucky students find themselves with access to a kitchen, more than half only have access to a microwave, a fridge and a limited living space. In the beginning, the dinning hall seems like paradise to students, but when the honeymoon phases passes, students begin to get tired of eating fries, hamburgers and hot dogs.

“My first year at Lynn was super hard because I always eat healthy and I had no idea how to do that in campus when I got tired of eating the same at the caf,” said Adriana Wood, senior.

Being healthy while living on campus is not impossible. There are some easy and inexpensive recipes that do not require a kitchen, that students should utilize.

With a fridge, a microwave and the right ingredients, one can make healthy and quick food in the residence halls. One of the most popular recipes, is oatmeal with fruits and nuts. All a student needs for this recipe is oatmeal, water, fruit and nuts.

The oatmeal must be placed in a plastic bowl with water and left to cook for two minutes in the microwave. Afterwards one must stir the oatmeal and add the fruit and nuts. It is as simple as it sounds.

Another healthy recipe is yogurt with granola. This is popular amongst those who are like simple recipes. It can be made at any time and does not leave any lingering smell in the room, which is a plus.

“Last year I used to have different healthy snacks in my room like quest bars, nuts, yogurt, some times fruit, and gluten free bread that I could heat up in the microwave,” said Rebecca Perez, junior. “It is just a matter of planning, but is not impossible to eat healthy at college”.

The third and final option is a chia pudding. All that is needed, are chia seeds, almond milk and berries. First, mix a cup of milk with the chia and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, take it out, add fruit and then enjoy it.

Gaining those extra pounds at college can be easily avoided with planning. With many different healthy recipe options available on social media, students can easily create recipes in their dorm rooms without having to always eat at the cafeteria.

Anastasia Subervi

Anastasia Subervi is a junior studying multimedia journalism and communications. Originally from Dominican Republic, Subervi always had a deep passion for television, which led her work for a television program called “And Then?” Subervi has discovered her passion for writing and is working as an intern for United Press International.

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