Michelle Misas, Class of 2015, Is The Co-Founder Of “Go GetIt” Which Assists Students Lacking a Vehicle On Campus


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Lynn is a place where students learn and grow through experiences. Through the interactive courses and hands on experience that faculty provides, students can become successful in their fields.

This is what happened to Michelle Misas. Misas, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, transfered to Lynn in 2012 and became extremely involved in many activities on campus.

She was a resident assistant who worked for the Office of Admission and a member of the Knights of the Roundtable, which she considered to be a great honor.

“Lynn University’s bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, and the experiences I lived as an international student at the university taught me all the basics to this path of success,” said Misas.

Following her graduation with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, she knew that she wanted to apply what she learned at Lynn to a new business idea that she came up with when she was living in the residence halls.

“The idea of creating GOGETIT started when I was a senior at Lynn University and didn’t have a car,” said Misas. “There were times where I needed to buy something at Walgreens or Walmart but it was too late for one of my roommates to drive me. Other times, I needed to grocery shop a few essentials at Publix or Whole Foods, but the same happened.”

Alongside her partner and co-founder, she came up with the idea of an on-demand personal courier service that not only delivers food, but runs errands such as grocery shopping, gift shopping or simply picking up clothes from the drycleaner’s.

Misas is currently the co-founder and creative director of GOGETIT, where she has been working hard for the past year. GOGETIT is a reliable, fast, and user-friendly on-demand service that delivers anything from anywhere.

The company’s mission is to make people’s lives easier. “Whether it be buying an item at your desired store, picking up and delivering packages throughout the city, or delivering food from your favorite restaurant, we are here to assist you,” said Misas.

The system automatically matches users with the nearest “Go Getter,” which makes it easier for people to get deliveries within an hour. Misas believes this accomplishment would not have been possible without the guidance she received at Lynn.

“From the classes with Lopez that made us write extensive business plans about a company that we had to invent, to the internship credits I worked in companies like Travelpro or Keratin Complex, to the opportunities I had of working as an RA or student ambassador in Admission, developed all the skill I needed in order to become an entrepreneur right after college,” said Misas.

Right now, GOGETIT only delivers to the Miami Dade County area. However, they plan to expand soon in order to provide this service in other locations. If one is in Miami and needs any delivery, make sure to check their website: www.letusgogetit.com and their Instagram account: @letusgogetit.

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