Students Share One Memory They’ve Made In College

By: Katheryn Milian

Staff Writer

Making memories and having fun is one of the keys to having a positive college life experience. Those would be the memories one tells their future kids and grandkids before they go off to college in the hopes of getting them to want to go to college as well so that they can also experience those moments.


“One of my favorite moments I’ve had here at Lynn was when my friends and I would go to the International business center to go study,” said Jasmine Knowles, freshman. “On most nights once everyone was done with their school work we would play a few rounds of cards against humanity. I love doing that because not only was I doing work, but I was also having fun with my friends.”


While grades are important, the events happening on campus are equally important as those are going to be the memories you take out of college.


“The Girl Code and Guy Code event SAB hosted in the fall was without a doubt one of the best events I’ve attended,” said Morgan Bennett, junior. My friends and I had a lot of fun and even to this day we still have inside jokes that came out of that event.”


“Celebration of Nations was fantastic,” said Douglas Fisch, freshman. “I learned a lot about the Lynn community. My favorite moment was when my friends and I decided we were going to try every food they had. We were incredibly full after that, but it was so worth it.”


Some students share that their favorite memory happened during the first few weeks of their freshman year.


“Moving into campus in my freshman year here at Lynn was one of the best memories I had here because on that day I met my best friend and ever since our first night at Lynn we have been inspirable,” said LaShonna Goodman, sophomore.


“On my first few weeks on campus, my friends and I decided we wanted to go out to eat some Chinese food,” said Karlisha Morales, freshman. “The Uber we took to the restaurant dropped us off in the wrong location. We had to walk 30 minutes to the restaurant and when we got there we didn’t realize how expensive the place was, but even with all the bad things that happened that night we had so much fun and we grew closer together because of that.”


For other Lynn students, their favorite memories took place less than 20 minutes from campus.


“For my birthday, our group of friends went out bowling,” said Chris Lewis, freshman. “We had a great time and after that everyone was so hyped up including myself that we took an Uber all the way to the tattoo shop where I got my first tattoo with all my friends waiting in the lobby supporting me.”

As the school term comes to an end, Lynn has planned a lot of events coming up that students can go out to and make more great memories.

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