It Must Be A Crime To Be This Hot

By Toni Jordan

Staff Writer

Most women have probably found themselves being attracted to the persona of a bad boy simply because his taboo demeanor is exactly what society has told them to stray away from. Then again, many women might disagree and say that they’ve never been attracted to the bad boy type. Whatever it is that women prefer, many women found themselves infatuated with a man they would have been happy to have as their own, after social media brought him to their attention.

In 2015, a mug shot, that’s right, an identifying photograph of a suspect or criminal, surfaced all over social media and even made it to the news, of Jeremy Meeks, a man whose looks make it hard to not be attracted to him.

“I saw him on Twitter like 20 times in one hour. Everyone was retweeting his mug shot and I was like who is this guy and why is everyone going crazy?” commented Justice Jones.

Most women found themselves immediately attracted to him because of his perfectly sculpted cheekbones and icy baby blue eyes that could freeze the sun. Those features alone weakened the knees of hundreds of thousands of women all across America and made him an overnight sensation.

“I saw his picture on Facebook and was like oh my God, his eyes! I hadn’t even realized he committed a crime until a few days later,” said Kerriann Watson.

He had fan pages sprouting up from all corners of the country, along with fundraising pages to help out with financial costs for his run in with the law and also his family at home. He was sentenced to two years in prison for a weapons violation and was booked as a felon.

Most people know just how hard it can be for a felon to reestablish themselves due to an extensive criminal record, so what happened next to Meeks was nothing short of a blessing.

The constant mug shot sharing of this extremely attractive bad boy helped him to capture the eyes of people who would be willing to give him a second shot at life. Meeks, who was released March 8, had several entertainment and modeling deals waiting for him as soon as he walked out those prison doors and wasted no time getting his career started.

“I think he’s lucky because usually it isn’t this easy for felons. I guess it worked out that he’s really attractive,” said Caryn Morris, junior.

Meeks signed with White Cross Management, a talent agency based in Los Angeles and New York, and is set to make his big debut after spending a few weeks at a transitioning housing facility.

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