Waxing The City Opens Its Doors To Customers Right Here In Boca


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Smooth skin is always in style, especially in South Florida. I think I can speak for most people when I say that your typical waxing appointment doesn’t always go smoothly. I’m proud to inform you (from personal experience) that all of your waxing apprehensions will disappear upon entering Waxing the City.

Its new storefront is conveniently located in the Glades Plaza, only a few minutes from the Lynn‘s campus. Owner Steve Mulder opened this location with students in mind. “Waxing is a lifestyle nowadays. We’re built on the foundation of convenience and affordability, especially for students,” said Mulder.

Waxing the City offers everyone 50 percent off their first appointment and a 10 percent student discount after that. I can assure you I’ve never looked forward to a waxing appointment, until I met the waxing gurus or ‘Cerologists’ at Waxing the City in Boca. Every professional receives hands-on training at Waxing University in Denver to become certified Cerologists and it is very apparent in the results.

The wax they use is much more enjoyable than your typical cloth strips and hot pot scenario. Waxing the City features custom formulated waxes that not only provide gentle hair removal, but also soothes the skin. Their exclusive waxes are perfectly suited for sensitive areas – and ideal for larger body surfaces.

“[The wax] is specially made to pull hair a certain way that prevents pain, it is formulated to be antibacterial and soothing. Our wax – and the way we wax – makes your experience as relaxing and carefree as possible,” said Mudler.

For someone like myself, who is extremely critical of my waxing experiences, I truly mean it when I say that I had the best appointment of my life at Waxing the City. The atmosphere in the studio is chic, trendy and spotlessly clean, while the estheticians were friendly, skilled and efficient.

Waxing the City is setting the bar high for excellence and innovation in the hair removal industry. Next time you need a wax, leave the pain behind and indulge in a soothing routine at Waxing the City.  Brooke Rao is a student in the College of International Communication. This column represents her personal views and not that of iPulse.

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