Celebration Of The Arts Prepares For Another Year


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Last year’s Celebration of the Arts was a huge success; this year, the event is returning even bigger and better.

“[There’s going to be] lots of fun on stage. We have lots of uptempo numbers; it’s going to be fun, colorful, happy. We want the audience to be dancing in their seats,” said Carrie Simpson, director.

With numbers from “Big Spender” to “Stand By Me” and the finale number “We Go Together,” Celebration is sure to wow the crowd this year.

“This year we have a really great group of people and everybody really seems to be enjoying the process and having fun and I think you’ll see that on stage, how much the cast is enjoying what they’re doing,” added Simpson. Celebration has had an impact on students both on and off stage.

“I did Celebration of the Arts because I participated in the previous year of Celebration and I was asked to join it again and I feel that it will be an even better year,” said Thomas Sanz, junior.

Celebration has also welcomed a few new members into the cast this year.

“I wanted to have the experience of doing this at Lynn University. I think it is a very great show and we are putting all our efforts here and I love the fact that we are working all together and doing this all together,” said Stephanie Cives, sophomore.

Though rehearsals began in February, the cast is sure to have the audience dancing on their feet by their grand performance by the end of the semester.

Celebration of the Arts will take place on Friday, April 29. Tickets are free for students. All are welcome to enjoy outside activities beginning at 5 p.m. and the main stage production will begin at 7 p.m.. The cast looks forward to showing off their talents very soon. For more information, contact professor Carrie Simpson at csimpson@lynn.edu.Life.

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