Que Vivan las Fajitas

By: Elias Bustamante

Staff Writer



Good service, good price and the best home-style food is what Las Fajitas is all about. Located in Boca Raton off North Dixie Highway, one can find the authentic taste of Mexico.


At Las Fajitas the food goes from burritos, tacos and even tamales. The owner, Eduardo Garcia, delivers the authentic taste of Mexico here in Boca Raton.


“Las Fajitas opened 17 years ago,” said Garcia. “I started getting ideas, a menu and when I saw it I opened the restaurant.”


Garcia has had much success with Las Fajitas over the last few years, because American consumers love his home-style food.


“I used to work for different people before Las Fajitas,” said Garcia. “There is a moment where you get ideas and go on your own.”


Garcia’s venture into the restaurant business has been wildly successful. In fact, he has expanded his business to include other home-style restaurants.


“Las Fajitas was the first one of four [restaurants],” said Garcia. “The other are Señor Burrito in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, and the last one is Taco Prince.”


One of Las Fajitas’ signature meals is the chipotle burrito. This unique burrito consists of steak or chicken with a plate of rice and beans, that will fill anyone up and give an idea of what true home-style Mexican food tastes like.

For only $9.00 one can order the Chipotle Burrito, which will rival any other burrito a customer has eaten before. Many visit Las Fajitas craving Mexican food but the service, price and the unbeatable Mexican home-style food will bring everyone back.






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