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Having the opportunity to live in different locations on the map is an experience Kayla MacVean, senior, does not take for granted. Although for MacVean, Pennsylvania and Florida may be home for now, she will always have a special place in her heart for her home country, Guatemala.

MacVean has lived in the United States since she was sixteen years old and has attended Lynn since her freshman year of college. She loves living in sunny south Florida, although it is very different from her home in Guatemala.

MacVean was born in Guatemala City. She attended the American School where she learned to speak English. MacVean attended school there from kindergarten to tenth grade.

There are an abundance of activities to do in her hometown, such as visit Lake Atitlan, which is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountainous landscapes. MacVean stated that one of her favorite memories is when she and her family used to visit their lake house there.

“I loved getting to go to my lake house and spend good quality time with my family,” said MacVean.

She also loves visiting Antigua, which is a small city surrounded by volcanoes and famous for its Spanish Colonial architecture. MacVean and her mother, sister and grandmother always go to visit the beautiful town during the summer.

MacVean still has many family members who reside in Guatemala whom she visits during school breaks.

“I love spending Christmas in Guatemala with all my family and friends. The food and traditions bring back memories from when I was a kid,” she said. “We celebrate Christmas on the 24th instead of the 25th, so we have a really big party and celebrate all night long.”According to MacVean, Guatemalans are extremely proud of their traditions and value time they have to share with their family. For MacVean, the biggest difference between the States and Guatemala is the sense of community and how friendly people are.

“My favorite thing about Guatemala is the fact that us Guatemalans look past the poverty and crime and are always beyond proud to be Guatemalan,” she said. “The beauty of our country is reflected in the pride that every Guatemalan shows every day. People in Guatemala are generally happy, regardless of what life throws at us, and that’s something that I’ll always admire about my culture.”

While MacVean may spend months away from Guatemala, it is clear that it holds a very special place in her heart and will always be home to her.

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