Bistro Brings Jamaica To Boca


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Rocksteady Jamaican Bistro is a small restaurant located on North Federal Highway here in Boca, known for their jerk chicken sandwiches and delicious Jamaican food.

“The food is delicious especially if you like spicy,” said Maxwell Johnson, senior. “It was my first time ever having Jamaican food and I will definitely be back soon.”

Rocksteady’s mission is to cook with high quality ingredients that will delight the senses of all customers.The restaurant uses fresh spices combined with great cooking to produce a delicious final product. Jamaican cuisine is comprised of a mixture of flavors and techniques from the people on the island. It is also influenced by the Spanish, British, African, Indian and Chinese cultures.

Additionally, the Jamaican cuisine includes dishes from all different cultures that were brought to the island by immigrants resulting in electric food choices.

“I had jerk chicken with jerk fries,” said Steph Leighty, senior. “[They were] zesty and amazing.”

Rocksteady is an ideal place for a large group, date or dinner with a friend. The ambiance of the restaurant is quiet and relaxing. Visitors do not have to worry about noise or pollution. Rocksteady has a cozy feel that makes guests feel welcome. Rocksteady also offers a delivery service.

This service is typically used by busy, working college students. “I love to try new foods,” said Amanda Daddio, senior. “I never would have thought Rocksteady would be my new favorite restaurant.” For those who desire an authentic taste of Jamaica, consider checking out Rocksteady Jamaican Bistro to satisfy the cravings. 

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