Kick Butts, Eat Donuts

Kristine Posey

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In support of National Smoke Out Day, Nov. 19, Kick Butts, Eat Donuts is a coast-to-coast campaign dedicated to cleaning up as many cigarette butts as possible.

“All over the world they try to get people to quit smoking,” said Rita Albert, director of health services.

Kick Butts, Eat Donuts is a great way to take a stand against smoking, while helping out the environment.

Even if quitting smoking is not on the agenda, students are encouraged to come participate in a campus cleanup of cigarette butts. Lynn is such a beautiful campus and it is up to the students to help maintain its charming atmosphere.

“We [had] a campus cleanup,” said Albert. “We only did it for an hour and we ended up with two, big jars of butts, which is horrible.”

This proves how detrimental and visually unappealing cigarette butts are to have lying on the ground. Cigarette butts are made to be biodegradable, but can take up to a year to disintegrate.

There will also be booths targeted towards smoking cessation and resources available for overall information. Visuals, such as body bags, could be on display to give that ‘in-your-face’ impact that tobacco use can have.

Smoking is among the most dangerous habits one can have. The addictive quality can resonate in a matter of just two days.

Additionally, smoking cigarettes can significantly accelerate the aging process. No student wants that!

The awareness this campaign brings is to provoke thought and hopefully urge one to take action at living a healthy, tobacco-free life.

“We’re trying to hopefully get people to quit smoking, but if not, to definitely utilize our designated smoking areas,” said Albert.  

Whatever unfolds, Kick Butts, Eats Donuts is a perfect way to get reliable up-to-date information about how to quit smoking as stress free as possible.

Come out on National Smoke Out Day and help in a campus cleanup of cigarette butts to keep Lynn looking beautiful on Nov. 19.

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