Lynn Students Favorite Holiday

Chris Byrd
Staff Writer

There are a lot of holidays that Lynn students like to celebrate. Many would assume that a college student’s favorite holiday would be one associated with partying, so with the recent Halloween celebrations it seemed like a good idea to find out what the favorite holidays of Lynn students are.

“Christmas,” said Ryan Brushingham, sophomore. “Because it is the birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Who does not like Christmas? It is by far one of the best international holidays celebrated across the world.

“Halloween is hands down the best day ever. With creepy haunted houses, candy and pumpkins what more could you ask for?” asked Taylor Nortman, junior.

Halloween is a holiday people have been really into since they were kids. Unlike a lot of other holidays, Halloween is not stress inducing for adults, unless they are hosting a Halloween party.

“My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve because everybody gets together and celebrates the accomplishments of the past year, and gets ready to start fresh for the upcoming year,” said Louis Davis, graduate student.

New Year’s is another great holiday that people of all ages can celebrate together.

“My favorite holiday is actually New Year’s as it represents how humans perceive time and are not aware that it is a construct of measurement,” said Tyler Kornmehl, graduate student.
Tyler has a very interesting reason for liking New Year’s, but it does make a person think.

“Valentine’s Day,” said Raven Garmendez, senior. “It is the only holiday we get to celebrate our love for other people.”

Whether one is single, or has a significant other, Valentine’s Day is fun to celebrate.

“My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve because it’s the start of a new year. I love watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and the ball drop, especially from Times Square,” said Lianna Hoffman, sophomore.

Overall, it seems Lynn students love celebrating New Year’s Eve. The start of a new year is sure to bring fun festivities for all.

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