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The auditorium is packed, the lights dim slowly and the crowd quiets to a hush. The spotlight slowly introduces the audience to a woman who is quite unforgettable.

Her name is Jan McArt. McArt is a baby blue-eyed, red lip-rocking show-biz queen who happens to be a retired Broadway star, the director for theatre arts here at Lynn and the founder of Libby Dodson’s Live at Lynn series.

“I got a phone call from Dolores and Michael Kara who were relatives of the late Libby Dodson and they said Libby enjoyed so much of the theater and they want you to have $500,000 to carry on what you are doing,” said Jan McArt.

For the past 11 years, the Live at Lynn series strives to bring the true beauty and extravagance of the arts to Lynn’s campus and entertaining the community.

Performances happen two to three times a month with the assistance of some talented Broadway entertainers, providing a bottomless selection of performers and shows that will thrill the Boca populace.

“Each performance is so original, full of memories and just so awesome. We are just so happy to watch everything at Live at Lynn; it gives us a glow that lasts for the rest of the season when we go watch the shows,” said Irene Constantine, a regular Live at Lynn attendant.

Thanks to McArt, the Lynn community has been blessed with the Live at Lynn performances—gifts that certainly would not be possible without McArt’s love for the theatre.

For Lynn students, the deal is even better because they can procure their own tickets to the performances for free, so long as they display their university ID card. McArt leaves students with some wise words of encouragement from a queen of artistic expression.

“Life comes down to the nitty gritty, but the arts in some form or another will make it all possible on a bad day.”

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