Dillon Francis’ Journey From World Renown DJ To Movie Star


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Although Dillon Francis is known around the globe for creating and producing electronic beats, he is now generating buzz for something new: his upcoming horror-comedy “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.”

The role was one that many did not anticipate from Francis and it is garnering some curiosity.

“[Andy Fickman and Todd Garner] sent an email to my management and I just kind of thought to myself, ‘who doesn’t want to be a zombie?’” said Francis. “They said I would just be playing music, get eaten, turn into a zombie and then have my head explode and I said, ‘that is fantastic, let’s do it.”

The film is a teen horror-comedy taking place on the last night of a camping trip, and it chronicles the adventures of one group of survival scouts. These scouts have the opportunity to bond and form everlasting friendships when they set out to defend their town from an onslaught of vicious, brain eating zombies.

The film’s main stars are Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan, Sarah Dumont and Patrick Schwarzenegger. David Koechner, Cloris Leachman and Blake Anderson also star as supporting roles.

After receiving the email, Francis was ecstatic about the chance to be in the film, especially when he was told that several songs from his 2014 album, “Money Sucks, Friends Rule,” were used in the film.

Though he did not contribute any new music for the film, he said the process of being on stage and performing – which he has been doing since 2005, came natural to him.

“I don’t turn into a zombie until the party I’m playing [at] gets overrun by zombies, so I’m pretty much just playing my normal-self until then – except I’m made to look like I’m still in high school,” said Francis.

His positive experience also extends to his relationships backstage with his fellow cast mates. He praised Sheridan as an actor and even mentioned that Schwarzenegger has since become a friend of his.

This was not Francis’ first time on a movie set. He used to work on television sets when he was a teenager, so the filming experience was a familiar and enjoyable one. Overall, Francis seemed to be pleased with the final result.

“I feel like that’s every person’s dream to watch your own head explode during a zombie apocalypse, so honestly, I thought they did a really great job and I loved it. It was awesome,” said Francis. Francis is currently working on a new mixtape scheduled for release later this year.

“Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” hit theaters on Oct. 30. Make sure to watch for a chance to see Francis do the two things he loves: perform music and fight zombies.

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