How To Fight Procrastination Without Procrastinating.

Chris Byrd

Staff Writer

As college students, it is normal to struggle with procrastination. Procrastination comes in many forms, including watching TV, telling yourself “one more Netflix episode” or putting things off until Sunday.

However, there are just as many ways to prevent procrastination, as there are ways to procrastinate.
Sophomore Destiny Culmer stated, “I personally fight procrastination by making a to-do list not only for my academic assignments but also for my life and use my time management skills as well.”

This is a very effective way to prevent procrastination, because setting a schedule allows one to visualize their time instead of pushing it off.

“Procrastination is really a way of not having interest in an objective,” said Tyler Kornmehl, grad student. “Henceforth to fight it you must relate it to something that you love.”

This is a very unique way to prevent procrastination. While it would be difficult for some people to relate some of their assignments to their interests, doing so will give them extra drive to do their homework.

This may not be someone’s first choice of an anti- procrastination measure, because it may some time to connect homework to your passion.

Tina Stephen, freshman, said, “ I mainly prevent procrastination by just doing work little by little everyday until it’s eventually finished.”

This is a very good way to prevent procrastination, because spreading assignments throughout multiple days allows one more time to accomplish tasks.

This method could lead to pile up of work, so make sure one accounts for due-dates of assignments ahead of time.

Though procrastination is hard to fight, staying on top of one’s assignments is critical to leading a successful college career.

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