Exclusive Interview With Active Student, Athlete And Very Successful Blogger, Maddy White Regarding Her Fashion Blog “It’s Madison Lane”


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The love of fashion and photography inspired Lynn sophomore Maddy White to create her very own style blog.

Since then, her blog has built up a large following base with thousands of fans on social media who eagerly await her every post.

White’s blog is about the her daily outfits, fashion and beauty tips she has to offer and other lifestyle choices. With such a distinctive and unique style that makes her stand out in the online community.It is no surprise that many people enjoy her daily posts. She inspires others with her outfit choices, which have draw in the large audience.

“[My friends] would describe my style as preppy and classic,” said White.

While it may appear to be simple, many people are not aware of the challenging aspects of running a blog. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends on a college student budget and finding someone to photograph her is a weekly struggle.

White’s dedication and talent has paid off, with major national magazines featuring her in their publications. One of her most memorable moments in her blogging career was being published in “Seventeen Magazine.”

“I posted a photo with a pink bag and I hashtagged my photo and ‘Seventeen’ saw it. They contacted me and they put me in the magazine,” said White. “[In the magazine] I was just in the article, but then I’ve been featured on their website like three times and their Instagram twice.”

White is a part-time blogger, but she hopes to be able to blog full time after she graduates from Lynn. White is also an athlete at Lynn, playing on the Women’s Softball team, and when she is not blogging, she is practicing with her team. She also enjoys shopping with her mother and hanging out with her friends and family. White finds inspiration from other bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr and magazines. She also enjoys finding YouTube channels that focus on fashion and lifestyle.

“My favorite magazine is probably either Glamour or InStyle,” said White. “I like to watch YouTube channels. ‘Vogue’ has an amazing channel and doing that its another way for me to get ideas.”

Surprising to some is how much money bloggers can make. Often bloggers make money through advertisements on their blogs or through collaborating with companies. “I do make money, I work with a company called Reward Style and they are a company that work with the top bloggers and this is how all the big bloggers make millions of dollars,” said White.

Although, she enjoys a wide variety of brand names and styes, White’s favorite store is J.Crew and she earns commission for every follower who clicks the link to J. Crews website from her blog and purchases something.

Every blogger has a favorite post and a least favorite post. White is no different and spoke about hers.

“[My favorite post was] my prom dress. I had a BCBG black dress that I loved with these bright pink big earrings,” said White.

“I have one [least favorite outfit] from the very beginning. I had this midi black tool kind of skirt.”

White has a number of blogs she follows and is inspired by. Two such bloggers are Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies and Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam.

“Both of them are preppy but classic and high fashion at the same time,” said White.

White is now an experienced blogger and has useful advice for someone wishing to start a blog. “People want to see high quality photos,” said White. “Just keep up with it, because [success] is not going to happen overnight.” White’s two-year blogging anniversary was on July 26 and she hopes to continue blogging for many years to come.

Students can check out White’s blog at www.itsmadisonlane.com. White is also active on Snapchat and Instagram under the username “itsmadisonlane”.

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