Establishing New Connections

Alumna Anne Marie Van Casteren Plays a New Role in the Redesign of the Career Center.

By Stephen Amaya

Staff Writer

(AMVC) Van Casteren, in her new office inside the redesigned Career Connections Center.  (Photo Credit: Justin Hearn)
Van Casteren, in her new office inside the redesigned Career Connections Center. Contributing Photo/ J. Hearn.

Only months after of graduating, alumna and former iPulse managing editor, Anne Marie Van Casteren finds herself connecting students with their dream job or internship in the newly redesigned Hannifan Center for Career Connections.

Van Casteren was involved in all aspects of campus during her four years at Lynn; whether it was on the field with the softball team, in the iPulse newsroom designing the daily publication, giving tours to prospective families or being a great resident assistant and community advisor to her residents, while holding an internship.

“A year and a half ago, Barbara [Cambia], the new Director got me an internship with the Buzz Agency, which is one of the top PR firms in South Florida,” she said with a smile. “She [Cambia] kept close contact with my boss during that time and asked about the work I was capable of doing and she considered me, as I have a minor in PR, for the new position.”

Van Casteren spoke of her new job with passion and excitement, hoping to entice more students to start looking at their career options now, and seeing what connections Lynn has to offer.

“I really encourage students to come and visit the career connections center, even if they are freshmen because it’s never too early to get excited for their career and getting prepared so you are one step ahead of the game,” said Van Casteren.

Van Casteren admits that going from an undergraduate to a full-time employee is completely different, due to the changes in responsibilities and priorities.

She is managing the Facebook page for Career Connections, hosting and promoting on-campus job and internship fairs, creating new and exciting opportunities for students to explore the workforce and collaborating with student leaders on various workshops.

“It’s different going from a students perspective to an employees perspective because as a student, you never notice the amount of work the university does for its students,” said Van Casteren. “And now, in the employee’s seat at my Alma Mater, I can see it and it’s rewarding to see how I can help students become successful.”


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