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Apura Juciery and Coffeehouse is a health-based café located in Boca on the Southwest corner of Palmetto and Powerline. Their delicious menu varies from cold press juices to vegan sushi and acai bowls, including a variety of other delicious options.

Although juice bars are on the rise and continue to become more popular in the area, there is something unique and different about Apura that makes it stick out from the other juice bars in the area.

“When you walk into Apura, you are always greeted with a warm welcome and a smiling face,” said Bridget Lord, senior. “And their juice is the best I’ve ever tasted.”

In November, Apura will reach its one year anniversary, but its perfect ambience will make those who visit the café think that it has been open for a very long time.

It is no surprise that the phrase, “made with intention,” is written on the back of each staff member’s shirt. Apura is a company that truly aims to help benefit the local community.

After a meal at Apura, visitors are sure to feel on top of their game and ready to take on any challenge the day might bring.

“If you aren’t sure if you will like something, just ask for a sample,” said Brooke Mackey, graduate student. “They are so cool about giving you a little sample of whatever you want to try.”

The Apura menu gives people the opportunity to try things that they normally would not have the opportunity to sample.

“When I went there, I had a bistro burger made out of beets,” said Stephanie Leighty, senior. “I was very skeptical at first but it ended up being amazing.”

For those times when students find themselves stressed from studying for too long, experiencing writer’s block in the middle of an essay or just need a break from the hectic college lifestyle, they should consider visiting Apura Juciery and Coffee House. This place will sure get one’s juices flowing.

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