With The Presidential Election Coming Up, Students Ask Tough Questions


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College students may often disregard political parties who are trying to attract voters. However, the ideas and values of college students should be taken into careful consideration due to their ability to change the poll results.

It is important for the concerns of young adults to be addressed. These individuals will be the people who will change and affect society in years to come, so it is the responsibility of politicians seeking election to be inclusive and fair, regardless of a person’s youth.

“Our politicians need to focus on our economic state and relate more to the younger generation,” said Krissy Ortiz, freshman. “Currently, our country is in a deficit. I am concerned because in the future, I will have to pay for the mistakes our current politicians have made. Politicians need to start connecting with the younger generation.”

In the progressive world of today, it is shocking how the younger generation is unfairly judged based upon age. By the time these new voters reach a mature age, the decisions made by their parent’s generation will be their reality.

“As an international student, I think politicians should talk about immigra- tion reform,” said Rocio Carreno, freshman.

Young voters have a different perspective about this country and the direction it is heading in. Therefore, the influence of the youth can shape an interesting political renaissance.

“I would love if politicians addressed safety concerns for college students in the schools and their security,” said Dianne Goldsher, freshman.

Sadly, college age students feel their votes are useless and not taken seriously by the older generation who runs this country.

This is due to the lack of effort exerted from the two dominant political parties in regard to connecting with young voters.

“I think to me as an inter- national student, it will be important for politicians to talk about what’s happening in Syria if there’s going to be a war or not,” said Lea Himpens, freshman.

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