The Neighborhood Watch “The Beginning”

Chapter One


Staff Writer

There is a small town on the outskirts of Georgia called Danebridge. It is a beautiful town where the sun is usually shining, the wildlife is abundant and the people are always happy.

There is not much to do in Danebridge, which causes many people to lose interest living in a population of 457 people. But, the number is slowly decreasing.

In Danebridge, there are a group of protectors known as The Neighborhood Watch. They are out looking to catch anyone committing a crime.

The Neighborhood Watch is comprised of 55 members, but not just anyone can join the team because of a slight catch: you must be trusted completely.

The Neighborhood Watch meets once every three weeks to discuss their matters and to plan for what they have in store for the town.

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, but one man is eager to get behind them. But the question remains…will The Neighborhood Watch let him?

When a new family comes to town for their father’s job, it stirs up some issues. John Caste, a writer and a single father of three, becomes suspicious of the unusual activity going on around town.

Since he lost his wife a few years back, he is determined to help put a stop to what is going on in Danebridge. You see, something very odd happens each month. People die and no one is quite sure why.

Some people think that the town is cursed, while others believe that they are bad accidents. There are a few who are suspicious of murder.

John is determined to join The Neighborhood Watch and protect those who cannot be protected. Little does John know that The Neighborhood Watch is actually behind all of these crimes.

If he finds out will he be able to put a stop to them, or will he just be creating problems for himself?


Ashley Persaud is a junior majoring in advertisement and public relations. Persaud has always had a strong passion for creative writing.

She has been published twice, and is now pursuing her passion for creative writing. Stay tuned every Thursday to find out how her short story series, “The Neighborhood Watch,” unfolds.


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