The Unveiling of iPulse’s New App

By Aisling McEntegart

Assistant Editor

The new iPulse is now available on the app store for free!
The new iPulse is now available on the app store for free!

Beginning this fall students have the exciting option of keeping up with university news on the go, with the introduction of the brand new iPulse app, which is now available to download from the app store, completely free of charge.

Developing an app from scratch is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Starting last spring, students in Prof. Gary Carlin’s advertising and society class began researching ways to further the reach of the publication. A recurring idea in each group was the creation of an iPulse app.

“The project was to create an advertising and PR campaign for iPulse. On top of many other great ideas, all student groups suggested creating an app for iPulse,” said Carlin.

This demonstrated a student interest in an iPulse app and kick started the process.

“We used a company called iCampus Times to develop the app.  They are experts in this type of app development,” said Carlin. “The process was very rewarding.”

Faculty in the College of International Communication soon began to work toward releasing an app to host and publish pieces from iPulse. iPulse is active on social media and also recently underwent a website refurbishment, thus an app seemed like the logical next step in the expansion of the paper.

“We brought together two key groups: the iPulse stakeholders and the creative design talent in the college,” said David Jaffe, Dean of the College of International Communication. “During a series of meetings last spring, we put together the basic design of the app, including the app’s icons, various pages and, of course, the backend.”

The cutting edge application has all the components of the printed-paper, meaning students will never have to miss any snippet of news in the future. From life at Lynn to world news everything is just a click away.

“Each of the app’s icons open an exciting information set, of news, information and/or videos that pairs with the university-wide iPad initiative, although the app works on the iPhone and Android-based phones too,” said Jaffe.

The creation of this app will also allow iPulse to travel further than ever before. Parents, alumni and other members of the public will now be able to keep up with the daily publication via the app.

This means iPulse will have the chance to increase readership outside the university, as well as inside. A truly thrilling prospect for all involved with the paper.

“I feel the readership will be increased dramatically because of the ease of use offered by the app,” said Carlin.

With all of the above in mind, students should not hesitate to download this new app and take advantage of the exemplary resource created by their peers, to keep up with all things blue and white this fall.


Aisling McEntegart

Aisling McEntegart is a senior in the 3.0 program majoring in multimedia journalism. McEntegart currently holds the position of editor-in-chief and has a particular interest in entertainment and lifestyle writing. When she is not doing something journalism related, McEntegart enjoys reading, traveling and taking advantage of everything South Florida has to offer.

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