Tips on how to create an inexpensive DIY Halloween costume

By: Dea Pero

Staff Writer


With Halloween right around the corner, the pressures of finding the right Halloween costume for a good price is on. With just these few easy tips, you can create the perfect Halloween costume just for you. Do it yourself costumes is a great way to be original and have fun while doing it.


Some may think that making your own Halloween costume can be quite costly, but if you keep in mind these few simple tips, you might just actually save yourself some money. Instead of going to a costly Halloween store, you can go to your local thrift store to find creative pieces that you can use for your costume.


Thrift stores will have vintage clothing that can be used for dressing up in different time era’s, such as the 20’s or 50’s. This is a fun way to create a costume, because it will be a one of a kind look that no one else will have.


Another way to create your own costume is by using your basic pieces of clothing that already exist in your closet. That may sound boring, but sometimes the clothes are not the most important part to your getup. Using certain accessories or even doing your hair or makeup a certain way can be the key to the perfect costume.


“This year I am going to make my own mermaid costume for Halloween,” said Sara McAveney, junior. “I love making my own Halloween costumes, that way I get to be creative and no one else will have my costume.”


There are many different hair and makeup tutorials that you can find on Pinterest or YouTube. Examples of this kind of costume can be a sugar skull. This costume only requires black clothing, a flower headband and a lot of face paint.


You can also use certain printed clothes to make a costume, such as using floral prints to create a hippie look. Using your own clothing is also an easy way to dress up as celebrities. All you may need to add is a wig!


“I would rather make my own costume because you can mix and match what you already own with new items that you can use again,” said McAveney.


There are plenty of fun alternative ways to make Halloween costumes fun and unique. Spending a lot of money on your Halloween costume is just not necessary. Being creative and crafty is half the fun of dressing up for Halloween.


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