Lynn Is Named One Of The “Top 25 Most Innovated Schools”


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As students may or may not know yet, Lynn has recently been recognized by U.S. News and the World Report as one of the top 25 Most Innovative Schools across the entire nation.

Ranked at number 21 on the list, members of the close-knit community can easily point out a notable reason why the school continues to remain so progressive: the campus-wide iPad initiative is revolutionizing the way young adults are experiencing their education. 

“Alongside our professors and peers we have been given an opportunity to learn in a totally new, different way,” said Marianna Meyer, junior. 

In spite of such exciting news, one might be hard-pressed to find a student that is fully aware of the distinction Lynn just received. 

“I had no idea that [Lynn] made that list,” said Nikki Mannarino, sophomore. “It does make me feel good about myself and makes me feel as though coming to Lynn was the right choice for college.” 

While not everyone is completely in the know just yet, those who are also know that the institution is more than deserving of the ranking. Lynn has been consistent about dedicating its flow of resources toward keeping its technology at its newest and this ultimately pays off for students who can learn these skills here to apply out in the real world. 

“When you go to some older schools it’s easy to see that their tech isn’t as up-to-date as the tuition price tag would lead you to believe,” said Toni Jordan, senior. “Going to school in this mediated world means that we have to be completely adapted to working with technology and Lynn makes sure that its graduates are more than prepared.” 

Lynn was also ranked among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in addition to being highlighted as enrolling the fifth-highest percentage of international students at 24 percent. 

As the Lynn family continues to grow and achieve new heights, all Fighting Knights are fully cognizant that the best has truly yet to come.

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