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Many students aim to maintain a healthy way of living throughout their time in college. 

Exercising, drinking water, maintaining a regular sleep schedule and eating fresh foods provide a variety of different benefits by keeping the body vigorous and energized. 

Sodexo now offers another way for students and staff members to maintain a healthy diet when eating in the dinning commons. 

 Brian Bowser, general manager of Sodexo at Lynn, discusses the new organic food station in the cafeteria, as well as addressing the diverse benefits that are now being offered.

Local, organic and non-GMO products are now available in the dining commons. Local means that everything is sourced within the state of Florida and preferably around a 100-mile radius from Lynn. Courtesy of environmentally and animal-friendly farms, the Lynn community can now benefit from organic foods. 

 “This semester, I wanted to start a healthy diet and organic food has definitely helped me during my process,” said Karla Rosario, sophomore. “I genuinely love it.”

“We made a commitment that 75% of all the products on the salad bars have to be local and organic products, as well as all of the fruit that we serve,” said Bowser. “So it’s really about not only being aware of what we are eating, but where it’s coming from and how it’s being sourced.”

Many students have been extremely excited about all of these brand new changes within the dinning commons.

“I have always wanted to maintain a healthy diet. I find myself rushing here and there because of my tight schedule, but now that I have the organic option, it saves me so much time and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients they cook my food with,” said Jennifer Ayala, sophomore.

The main goal of the cafeteria staff is to offer the best quality food to their consumers.

“Let’s work with the best ingredients we possibly can for our students and our faculty as part of our job is making sure we educate the people that are coming in. We want to make sure,” said Bowser. “You are not putting those extra preservatives or pesticides in the food, anything that would sustain the life of a product, you are not putting all those into your body.” 

So join the movement and go organic – you might just end up loving what you find.

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