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Every student has been afraid of the word “commuter” at some point in his or her life. The myth about commuters is that they seem to be like ghosts who only come to school for classes and then suddenly disappear. The reality is that living off campus allows students to gain independence and experience personal growth. Once someone lives off of campus he or she is most likely never going back to a college residence hall. 

“What I like the most about being a commuter is my neighborhood,” said Mike Cronin, senior. “I enjoy seeing different things and different people, not just students.” When living on a college campus, it can become a difficult adjustment living at the same location one is taking classes at every single day. 

“I really enjoy the drive from my house to Lynn because it gives me time to clear my mind,” said Latif Kanoo, graduate student. “I also use that time to jam in my car.”

One quality aspect of commuting is that students are not restricted by the university rules and regulations of living agreements. 

“I love living off campus because I get to have a pet,” said Lia Montano, senior. “I love animals and I would not be allowed to have one on campus.”

Most of the time, students must live with others while residing on campus. The idea of having a roommate is great, but that limits the amount of personal space and privacy.

“My favorite thing about living off-campus is to have my own room,” said Adriana Wood, senior. “I am a neat freak, so I get to keep my things in order.”

Home cooked meals are typically missed when living on campus due to the limited amount of cooking that is available for students. “One of my hobbies is baking and I get to bake for my friends since I have a kitchen at home,” said Karla Montano, freshman.”

Commuting to college limits the amount of time spent on campus, but it does not limit the overall college experience. Commuters are typically looked at in a different light, when in reality, all they are doing is sleeping off campus instead of walking a few minutes to their room. There is no “right way” to enjoying a college experience.

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