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Florence University of the Arts is a destination that students do not want to miss. As the semester is in full swing, Lynn is prepping for an exciting experience.

The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) now offers many amazing opportunities when it comes to studying abroad.

Being an international university with students who come from more than 86 different countries, the idea of studying abroad is very often discussed.

Lynn is offering a deal for this year’s January term program. The CLA has made it possible for students to study in Florence, Italy for free during their J-Term if they choose to spend their spring semester in Italy.

Florence University of the Arts has so many great opportunities to offer, such as cooking classes, touring of Italy and staying in a shared apartment right in the center of Florence. Spending a semester in Italy means meeting some great Italian locals, all you can eat pasta and fresh pizza and a lot of walking to burn off all the calories from eating incredible meals.

“It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Something I want to experience with a group of friends,” said Nikki Mannarino, junior. “Spending a semester in Italy for free is something I can’t pass up.”

Lynn offers many more countries to study abroad in such as, Dublin Ireland, Paris France, Barcelona Spain, Buenos Aires Argentina and so many more. All of the credits taken in these countries can be applied to students’ majors and degrees at Lynn.

“When going to the study abroad fair and speaking to each of the recruiters, I was very persuaded,” said Daisy Jeffery, sophomore. “I’m definitely thinking about studying abroad. Speaking to my sister also helped me and made me realize that not taking this opportunity would be a big mistake.”

“If I had the chance to study abroad I would definitely take the opportunity,” said Colleen O’Connell, junior. “Traveling like that only comes once in a lifetime. I’m the type to always find adventure if I could go to Italy I would go in a heartbeat. Especially it was for free.”

Do not miss out experiencing the culture of different countries all around the world. Studying abroad will change every student’s life for the better.

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