Learning How to Budget Time, Homework, And A Social Life


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Believe it or not, homework can be done both easily and efficiently if one budgets his or her time properly.

Budgeting all comes down to one thing – balance. Starting a new semester means starting a new routine and for some, that can be a difficult.

Perfecting the balancing act is tricky, but it will help one achieve greatness. Students can opt to use a planner or the reminders on their phone in order to keep track of everything that must be done.

Writing things down will help students remember all of the details that they would otherwise try to hold in their memory.

“I use my planner to write down all my homework and social events,” says Kayla Macvean, senior. “I am a pretty organized person and it helps me to remember what I have to do throughout the week.”

It is sometimes easy to forget what homework assignments are due and what tests are on the horizon. Keeping it written down and prioritizing homework assignments will help students be successful in each class that they take.

Time is always of the essence for college students. With busy schedules and so much to do, it is very important to use time wisely. Procrastination can easily become one’s worst nightmare.

“I don’t like to procrastinate because all it does is put me behind and I forget what needs to be done,” said Macvean.

Another important aspect of being a college student is having a healthy social life. By keeping organized throughout the week, one will have time for friends and family without stressing about unfinished work.

“I use the time in between my classes to get most of my homework and studying done so that way I can spend the evenings and weekends with my friends,” said Macvean.

Balancing is an essential part of life, not just as a college student, but also as an adult. Prioritizing and staying organized is key for keeping a person on track.

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