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Students spend a summer abroad, making memories that will last a lifetime throughout their summer vacations.
Students spend a summer abroad, making memories that will last a lifetime throughout their summer vacations.

From world famous museums, art galleries and mind-blowing architecture to electrifying music, new people and fresh foods, studying abroad through one of Lynn’s approved programs is a life changing experience.

“Whether a Lynn student is from Boston, Boca Raton or Bogota, living and studying in another country will give them a greater perspective on the world and its people,” said Brian Pirttima, Director of the Center for Learning Abroad (CLA). “There is no substitution, lecture, PowerPoint or app that can take the place of actual experience. Standing in awe at the foot of the Eiffel Tower cannot be experienced or fully appreciated in a book.”

Stepping off Lynn’s campus and into a foreign country rich with culture is certainly an amazing opportunity. What could be better than learning a foreign language at the heart of a country’s capital, taught by a native speaker? With study abroad programs, one can take classes centered on their major, cultural appreciation or mastering the language of their destination.

For example, through the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) one could study studio art, communication, economics, philosophy and more, all while studying the Italian language in Rome.

Lynn Students exploring on their trip to China.
Lynn Students exploring on their trip to China.

Studying abroad is a stark contrast to living in the resident halls on campus. Semesters in Athens with Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies house students in Grecian apartments and hostels while traveling. While studying in Salvadora da Bahia, Brazil, student’s would spend the semester with a host family, perfecting their Portuguese.

“A study abroad experience is greatly beneficial to a students sense of self,” said Pirttima. “Although most students are attracted to study abroad as a means of exploring the unknown and experiencing a different culture, the end result more often is a greater awareness of who they are and where they’re from.”

Students enjoy their trip to China.
Students exploring the Chinese culture.

Semester-long programs include destinations such as arts and sciences in Istanbul, Turkey; the European Union, environmental studies and language in Freiburg, Germany; psychology in Amsterdam, Netherlands; music in Vienna, Austria; and communication in Rome, Italy. For those who are not willing to take the plunge and jet away for an entire semester, six J-Term study abroad programs are available. Destinations include Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Paris, Santiago, Berlin and Tokyo.

For more information about the various programs, all students are urged to visit lynn.abroadoffice.net.

The deadline to apply for a study abroad program is October 1, so hurry Fighting Knights! Do not miss out on an excellent opportunity to travel and see the world.


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