How To Look Right For The Part

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With graduation around the corner, job interviews are the only thing seniors have on their minds. Everyone gets nervous when they have to decide what to do with their future, let
alone what to wear when you are trying to nail that one interview you are dying to get. Don’t be scared when it comes to this matter because thanks to accessories, it has become
much easier to look effortlessly better.

Getting dressed for an internship shouldn’t be rocket science and you shouldn’t be stressing about it. Some may not know this, but your appearance is very important
when it comes to getting hired. Whether you look sloppy or professional can affect the interviewer’s position and can play a huge role in landing that job.

Before choosing what to wear, you need to do a bit of research on your own. Checking out the company culture is very important since it helps you define whom are you interviewing with. Another important factor is that you should not wear something too fancy or too casual; you want to be just ideally dressed and looking into the company might help you achieve this.

When all your research about the company is done, you can now head over to the next step: match the interviewer. If you really want to get this job, you should match your interviewers outfit or be slightly dressier than the normal work attire of the company.

Now that it is time to choose that outfit, there are nine very important guidelines that everyone should have in mind before stepping into that office or interview.


1. Make sure your clothes are ironed and pressed.

2. Make sure your clothing fits properly. You don’t want to wear something too tight or too loose.

3. Don’t wear flashy jewelry; keep it simple.

4. Dress according to the season/weather.

5. Make sure you have a nice clean haircut.

6. Men, make sure you keep facial hair to the minimum.

7. Women, don’t wear anything that is too revealing.

8. Avoid busy prints and opt for solid neutral colors that pleasing to the eye.

9. Women, don’t overdo your makeup and keep everything natural.

Victoria De La Cruz

Victoria De La Cruz is a senior majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in multimedia journalism. De La Cruz considers writing and fashion to be her greatest passions. She has her own blog, Sartorial Dreams. In the near future, De la Cruz dreams of working full time with her blog and eventually developing her own fashion brand.

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