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One of the biggest struggles that comes along with relationships is impressing your significant other’s best friends. This could be a very lengthy process but it is worth it in the end.

Make sure to keep an open mind. Some people are shy at first, so it can take a while before your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends develop trust with you. For me, it took almost two years to become close with some of my boyfriends friends.

It is all about acceptance. When you learn to accept his or her friends just the way they are, it gives them a chance to get to know the real you. If one of them takes a long time to warm up, let him or her come to you. They will soon realize how great you are and how happy you make your significant other.

“I love hanging out with my boyfriends friends. At first it was awkward but soon enough it became second nature,” said Emily Robinson, senior.

Even if you are not close with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends, make sure to still show some support. Although it may take time, they possibly could show you some in return.

I started out by going to every intramural sports game that my boyfriend was apart of. This was a great way to get to know all of the people in his friend group.

While your significant other is on the field or doing something he or she loves, find a friend of theirs to talk too. At first it can be hard to branch out and ask new questions at first, try asking them relevant questions to get to know them.

Go to their fund-raisers, events or social gatherings, this is imperative.

I have had friends of his come to my fund-raisers and not only get something for themselves but also for their friends.

In my experience of two years with my boyfriend, I have had his friends look to me for advice about various topics. I try my best to help them out and a lot of times it is effective and helps me build a stronger friendship with them.

Make sure that his or her friends know that they can come to you if they are ever in need.

There will be moments in every relationship where you may find yourself upset or crying, that is okay. Your significant other’s friends will be less likely to judge someone if they know their friend is in love with that person. There may even be that one friend who has known your significant other for awhile and can help you to better understand the situation.

If you have a unique sense of humor or interesting talent, show it to them. This is not a situation to fake it until you make it. Eventually the other person will realize you are being fake.

It is okay to believe in different things. If they like hockey, go ice-skating with them or if they like football, let them take you to a game. This is a great way to find common interests.

Jane Silver is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. This column does not represent the opinions of iPulse, but her personal thoughts and views.

Jane Silver

Jane Silver is a junior majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in photography. Her many hobbies include writing, drawing, shooting photography and traveling the world. Silver is more than excited to bring her advice column, “Jane’s Jive” to the publication and hopes to help the student body.

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