Finding A Second Home At Lynn

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Carmeta Blake, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, has been teaching at Lynn for the past eight years and calls it her second home.

Blake’s background is in communication but more specifically, broadcast journalism. For her undergraduate degree, Blake majored in radio production, earned her master’s degrees in television management and production and later went on to receive her doctoral degree in adult education and human resource development.

“I have a communication/education background. It’s weird because I actually started out as a teacher and then I went to do communications, worked in the media and then I taught
again. It just seems to me that teaching is my calling,” said Blake. “Even when I was in the media I would always tell people I am a teacher at heart.”

After being hired in 2007 as a professor, Blake started teaching public speaking, media and society, communication law and ethics, radio production and multiple graduate classes. She is still currently teaching many of those same classes today.

Known as one of the most difficult professors at Lynn, Blake always surprises students with her compassion and love of the subjects she teaches. She loves her job and puts her heart into teaching.

“I am a very firm person, but a very kind and passionate one,” said Blake.

Blake learns from her students everyday and is always open for students to bring new ideas and concepts to the table. This makes her classes some of the most interesting ones that are offered at Lynn.

“Because of my style of teaching where I encourage students to be independent and to challenge me, we then have mutual conversations and mutual respect,” said Blake. “I learn a lot from my students because I give them the opportunity to bring new thoughts into the classroom.”

Students are lucky to have the opportunity to have such an experienced and caring teacher at Lynn.

“I don’t think in my mind or body I will ever leave Lynn. It is a very special place to me and I say that with much sincerity. It is one of the most unique places that I have worked in. I meet unique students and unique people in general. I think Lynn will always be apart of me, it is a very special place,” she said.

It is apparent that she puts her all into every class that she teaches. She is a very fair professor and is one of the most knowledgeable ones here on campus.

“I took communication law with Dr. Blake and I swear that I learned more in that one class than I have in this whole semester,” stated Devin Green, senior.

If students have not had the pleasure of taking a class with Blake, they have missed an incredible opportunity for a professor-to-student and student-to-professor challenge. Dr. Blake loves her jobs so much.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson is an alumna from Portland, ME, who received her bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism this past may. Robinson likes to travel as much as possible. Robinson interned at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as the general press intern this past summer. She hopes to work for a big publication one day and write about food, traveling or the performing arts.

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