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For new Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, the only way she could possibly win the next election is for her to run as a strong willed and entirely unapologetic democratic representative.

While being one of the most popular presidential candidates approaching the 2016 election, Clinton is now under a microscope due to some suspicious email activity during her time as secretary of state. Clinton has received a great deal of criticism for skipping out on using an official state department e-mail account to use her own private email server linked to her home address. Republicans did not hesitate in attacking the democratic frontrunner for her secret email habits.

“[Clinton] represents the failed policies of the past,” said Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who also announced his candidacy for president. “We know the [Clinton] administration would be no different.”

Legally speaking, while Republicans are looking to break down the public image of the biggest name running for president in 2016, what Clinton did was technically not against the law. There is currently no evidence that Clinton broke the law, but there is still a chance that she may have. The state department does not have an outright ban on members using personal emails to conduct government business, but they do have a policy that sensitive information should be transferred through the state department’s official email server. In response to the public outrage over the emails, Clinton handed over more than 55,000 emails to the United States Chief Diplomat, but some are still doubtful as to her honesty.

“You’ve seen in the polls and in discussions across the country a feeling that [Clinton] is just not trustworthy,” said former Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who believes that Clinton erased some of her emails before submitting them for official review. “This whole story about her having erased all of her emails even though they were subject to recall and review by congress, I think that’s made people remember that with the Clintons, it’s always something.”

As the next presidential election approaches, public image is of the utmost importance to the candidates. As for Clinton, she has some work to do to rebuild her image after this email conspiracy, which may go even deeper than the American public is aware of.

Jerry Hoffman

Jerry Hoffman is a senior studying public relations and multimedia journalism. Originally from just outside of Philadelphia, he became interested in writing throughout the four years he spent attending Lansdale Catholic High School. Aside from being a staff writer for iPulse, Hoffman is a resident assistant in Freiburger Residence Hall here at Lynn.

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