What Happens After Graduation?

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With more 2,500 students at Lynn, it is sad to soon be saying goodbye to the senior class of 2015.

These students come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds such as, music, sports and education.

“I will be completing my master’s degree at the DeVos Sports Business Program at the University of Central Florida,” said TJ Bullock, senior.

In life, as one chapter ends, another opens. Continuing with a higher education will certainly help prepare one’s future.

“After I graduate, I will be attending the University of West Florida where I will be a graduate assistant for Housing Residence Life, while earning my ME.d degree in Higher Education Administration Student Affairs,” said Gary Pelletier, senior.

Not only does furthering ones education make an impact on their lives, but opportunities will also guide them as well.

“After graduation I’m hoping to find a job or continue my education and go to grad school,” said Ruth Augustin, senior. “It all depends on what opportunities come along. I don’t have any definite plans but I’m applying to jobs everywhere and hoping to land a [graduate assistant] spot. So right now I’m going with wherever life takes me.”

Fate has a way of showing itself through opportunities. If one appears, go with it, as it can open many doors.

“The main problem is that my plans aren’t completely decided yet,” said Wynton Grant, senior. “For now, I’m deciding between a couple of options. The two that I am highly considering are the New England Conservatory in Boston, and Indiana University.”

Some people understand that gaining experience is just as important as finding the right opportunity.

“I’m [going to] go to graduate school at Lynn,” said Megan Rivieccio, senior. “I want to get experience at a clothing store and then find a job as a buyer for a corporate company.”

When the opportunity comes to do something that one is passionate about, take it without a doubt.

“I am planning on going back to Sonoma County where I grew up and work at a wine brokerage,” said Cherise McEnery, senior. “I am also going to help out my old travel softball team that helped me play softball, which also helped me get my scholarship for Lynn.”

It is obvious that when one narrows things down in life, opportunities have a big impact. Whether it is taking a few more years to earn a higher education, moving back home to work or taking a few years to gain experience for solidifying one’s career, opportunities are always right around the corner.

Joseph Kisluk

Joseph Kisluk was born and raised in Houston, TX. Kisluk trained and competed in various martial arts. He has a passion for many different forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures and photography. Not only does he love eating and trying new foods from different cultures, he also enjoys fitness. Kisluk enjoys hanging out with friends, loves to watch movies and play video games.

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