Love Shack, a Unique Store Located on Atlantic Avenue is a Hit


Delray’s Atlantic Avenue shows off their bohemian side with the popular store, Love Shack.

Owned by two sisters, the unique store has won over both its clientele and employees.

A great deal of Love Shack’s success can be attributed to its whereabouts.

It is in the heart of Atlantic Avenue, surrounded by some of the best restaurants that Delray Beach has to offer. While waiting for reservations or as an after-dinner treat, many locals and tourists visit the store to kill some time.

“It’s such a cute store,” said Brooke Mackey, senior. “My family and I love to eat out on Atlantic Ave and it’s the perfect excuse to get some serious shopping done.”

Although the majority agrees that the small boutique has great taste, some question the price tags that come along with it.

“It is a little pricey,” said Amanda Daddio, junior. “However I love the gypsy feel that the store brings. If I could, I would buy the entire store.”

Love Shack is not just a great place to shop, but an enjoyable place to work as well.  As a fashinonista herself, Mady Fryburg, junior, looks forward to going into work. “Besides the 50 percent off employee discount, I enjoy working there more than just being a customer because you have a lot more respect for the store,” said Fryburg. “All of the clothes come from Columbia, France and other various countries, which makes it unique.”

Love Shack is also avid on social media. They have both Instagram and Facebook pages in order for their customers to keep up to date on the latest fashion.

“I’ve made it on the Instagram page,” said Fryburg. “We had a photoshoot of some of the latest clothes. It was a lot of fun.”

Make sure to head over to Love Shack and check out their clothing selections.

Tess Keegan

Tess Keegan is a 21-year-old advertising and public relations major. Keegan received her high school diploma from John Jay High School in Westchester, NY, before residing in Boca. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and soaking up the beautiful South Florida weather on the beach. After she graduates, she hopes to return home to New York to pursue a career at an ad agency.

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