Lynn has Special Parking for Registered Carpools


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As a part of the Go Green initiative, Lynn is offering special parking for registered carpools. The special parking is targeted to commuter students and staff members who park in the north lot.

Carpooling offers many benefits, such as, lowering the emission of carbon dioxide, saving money on gas and now special parking.

In order to utilize the parking spaces, students or staff members must register the carpool with Lynn and South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS). Once registered, Lynn will provide a parking permit that will allow the carpool to park in any of the designated spots.

“I was not aware that Lynn offers special parking for carpools,” said Sebastian Mora, senior. “I think it is a great incentive because everyone wants to find parking spaces in the first row of the north parking lot.”

The process to register consists of going to, selecting the carpool tab and filling out the information of the individuals who will be a part of the carpool.

In order to register and obtain the parking permit, the car pool must operate two or more days a week, consist of two or more faculty members or students entering, park on campus and have a valid SFCS parking permit in the vehicle. Each carpool will be given one permit and will only be able to use those parking spots on the days they select.

“I always joke around that I would do anything to get special parking at Lynn, and now that I know I can get it just by registering with my friends as a carpool, I am definitely going to do it,” said Maria Herazo, senior.

Carpooling is not only an effective way to save the environment, but it makes parking so much easier for students and faculty. So remember to be green and consider carpooling.

Carolina Abello

Carolina Abello is a senior majoring in communications, media and politics, with a minor in public relations. Abello is also a part of the honor society. Abello is an international student from Colombia who is bilingual in English and Spanish with a basic level of Italian and Portuguese.

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