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iPic Theaters, located at Mizner Park, offers wonderful service and comfortable seats for their costumers.

It is a place where people can kick back, relax and watch a movie feeling as if they are right at home.

In the lobby, costumers do not have to wait outside in line. There are three screens available inside, where customers have the option to select their movie and seat by themselves.

There are eight auditoriums with big comfortable seats that not only come with a blanket and pillow, but with food service that comes with the push of a button, right from the chairs.

The food served at iPic comes from the exquisite restaurant Tanzy. Customers can also order from a bar that offers a great variety of foods that are not served at a standard movie theater.

“iPic serves better [food] than any other movie theater,” said Esin Ventura, sophomore. “You can enjoy a high quality meal while watching a movie.”

The screening rooms are very spacious compared to a normal theater. The reclining seats are the number one reason why costumers love iPic.

“What I like the most about iPic are the seats,” said Ventura. “I always end up sleeping because they are very comfortable, and after a good meal there is nothing better than falling asleep slowly while watching a good movie.”

Popcorn is also free with the purchase of a movie ticket.

The next time students choose to spend a night out at the movies, consider heading over to Mizner Park and enjoying a luxuries night in one of the best movie theatres in Boca.

Veronica Haggar

Veronica Haggar is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism, with a minor in advertising. Haggar is passionate about writing and aspires to be a successful entertainment journalist in the future. She dreams of working as a staff writer and later as an editor-in-chief for a prestigious magazine, such as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press or as a television reporter for E! News or MTV.

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