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Nowadays, visible tattoos are becoming more common in the professional workplace.

This generation proves that tattoos are ways of expressing art. Many still question whether or not visible tattoos are professional.

According to the Pew Research Center, “Millennial and the age group that precede [tattoos] are less likely to express concern about the growing number of people getting tattoos than those age 50 and older. Of the public at large, 40 percent say this is a change for the worse, 45 percent say it has made no difference and seven percent say it is a change for the better.”

As of now, visible tattoos are starting to become more common.

“Working in restaurants such as, Brass Tap and at 3rd & 3rd, [my bosses] were fine with tattoos, however, in the corporate field, having [visible tattoos] were frowned upon,” said Sabrina Zamati, alumni.

If students decide whether or not to get a tattoo while planning on working in the business industry, it is suggested to get these tattoos in places where they are not easily visible.

It is okay for students to express their individuality and be who they are, however, not many people in major corporations feel that they are acceptable for the work environment.

According to another research report from the Pew Research Center, about 40 percent of people between the ages of 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo, and 50 percent have more than one.

Employers have the right to set boundaries of how many visible tattoos their employers can have.

Entrepreneurs can have their own rules and decide whether or not it is best for their company to have employers display their tattoos.

Depending on what field of study students decide to work in, it is advised to get tattoos that are not visible in work attire.

Stephanie De Martino

Stephanie Giovanni DeMartino is a senior majoring in communication and emerging media, with a minor in film. When DeMartino is not studying or in rehearsals, she is writing music and singing. Growing up promoting and meeting rising bands, DeMartino is familiar with working in major industries. After being an extra in Rock of Ages, DeMartino wants to rise in her career.

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