How to Become a Peer Mentor

Above: Lynn students get involved as Peer Mentors. LU Photo.
Above: Lynn students get involved as Peer Mentors. LU Photo.


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College is often referred to as the best four years of one’s life. It is a time marked by a steady stream of changes ranging from decreased fridge sizes to increased responsibilities, a consistent lack of sleep to an overabundance of debt, the excitement of studying abroad and spring breaks at the beach, to the agony of research papers.

When it is all said and done, the key to making the best out of college is balance. Have fun, but not too much fun. Get involved but without stretching your- self too thin, enjoy the 24- hour cafeteria but avoid the freshman 15. Regardless of where one falls on the spectrum, there is one definitive certainty before graduation, and that is the uncertainty that comes along with freshman year. Freshmen arrive on campus every year with roughly a million things going through their minds, ranging from where the nearest bathroom is to what there is to do during free time.

This is where Peer Men- tors come into play.

“Peer Mentors serve as new students’ first connection to Lynn. They will be the first face many new students will see when they arrive to campus and will serve as role models throughout the year,” said Laurie Schulz, coordinator for student involvement. “Being a Peer Mentor is an awesome way to make an impact on someone’s life and make a difference in the Lynn community.”

The experience is not only beneficial for freshmen; it is one of the most important leadership positions on campus. Aside from being a great resume builder, one receives the benefit of knowing that they made a difference in the lives of others.

“If you’re already a student leader, or looking to be more involved, being a peer mentor is the perfect opportunity for you,” said Jerry Collender, junior and peer mentor. “It’s a great way to give back to the community and learn how to be a better leader at the same time.”

“We are looking for a diverse group of motivated students to serve in the position for the upcoming academic year,” said Shulz. “If you believe you could positively support the transition and success of incoming students please apply.”

Applications are due tomorrow, but those that show interest by contacting Laurie Schulz, will be able to receive an extension. Schultz can be reached at

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Joey Hefferan is a graduate student with a love for all things media. Hefferan has had past video work experience including projects with The Boca Raton Historical Society, Millennium Campus conference, The Delray Beach Open and most notably his role as cinematographer on a short film aided by Hollywood Director Isaac Florentine. When Hefferan's not hard at work as the President of the National Broadcasting Society and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, he enjoys long walks on the beach and binging on Netflix one sitcom at a time.

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