Beware of Recent Hauntings

Above: Recently Lynn’s campus has been a very popular destination for ghosts and other paranormal creatures to visit. LU Photo.
Above: Recently Lynn’s campus has been a very popular destination for ghosts and other paranormal creatures to visit. LU Photo.


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Lynn students who reside on campus have been complaining about recent disturbing noises and unexplainable spooky events.

Many residents in the C Wing of De Hoernle Residence Hall have suspected paranormal activity. Due to serious concern about student safety, security was enhanced in this area. Security was upgraded around the Lynn campus in early 2015. However, paranormal events continue to occur. These concerns that have been expressed are extremely different from any others that had been filled in the past. Students described sounds such as strange laughter in the middle of the night and finding their objects misplaced in the halls. Security officers have been relentlessly looking for the culprit. So far the effort has not given any results.

If the strange events continue to occur, a team of professional ghost hunters will be called in to investigate further. Students believe this is a good option, but they believe the events will continue to occur. Students attribute the strange events to something that goes beyond logical explanation.

“Every time I listen to the strange sound at night, I know it is not an Earthly sound,” said Michelle Misas, senior. “It is evident that something strange is happening in De Hoernle and that it’s paranormal.”

Many students believe that the events are the consequence of a trapped spirit or restless soul. “I heard there was a fire in the dormitories a long time ago,” said Maria Herazo, senior. “Perhaps the spirit is still imprisoned from that fire and that is why it is haunting the residents.”

Everyone on campus is perplexed due these recent events that appear to go beyond physical life. Numerous students have posted their experiences on social media about ghostly presences on campus and have suggested solutions such as hiring paranormal activity experts or having an exorcism preformed on the Residence Hall.

If a ghost is found, students can expect an exclusive iPulse interview with the pesky spirit stirring up all the mischief.

Carolina Abello

Carolina Abello is a senior majoring in communications, media and politics, with a minor in public relations. Abello is also a part of the honor society. Abello is an international student from Colombia who is bilingual in English and Spanish with a basic level of Italian and Portuguese.

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