Childhood Authors of the 1990’s

Above: Childhood authors of the 1990’s have still been spending the past 10 years successful working in literature. Stock Photos.
Above: Childhood authors of the 1990’s have still been spending the past 10 years successful working in literature. Stock Photos.


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Before “American Horror Stories,” “Avengers” and “The Hunger Games,” there was “Goosebumps,” “Captain Underpants” and “Number the Stars.” The 90’s children authors helped sculpt and form the imaginations and perspectives that remain prevalent in the psych of young adults today. Just as these former children have matured, so have the authors.

R.L. Stine, author of the “Goosebumps” series, was awarded from 1993 to 1995 for being the best-selling author in America. The Guinness Book of World Records also awarded him with best-selling series author in history. His horror series have sold more than 350 million copies in the U.S. and are published in 32 languages.

As he continues to scare children with his series “Fear Street,” due to his fans’ requests on social media, he has also targeted his original child readers – now in their twenties and thirties – with new horror stories for adults. “Red Rain” and “Temptation” both demonstrate how Stine can continue to scare his original readers no matter how old they are.

Dav Pilkey, author of “Captain Underpants,” started his first illustration of his long-lived hero when he was in the second grade. Through his elementary to university level education he continued to draw and write his character. At age 19 he was finally published while attending Kent University.

Pilkey and his wife currently live in the Pacific Northwest and he still write the “Captain Underpants” series while illustrating many other children book series. The series alone has sold more than 70 million copies and the number continues to rise.

Lois Lowry, author of “The Giver” has won two Newbery Medals for “Number the Stars” in 1990 and “The Giver” in 1994. A film adaptation of “The Giver” sparked much nostalgia and appreciation for the original inspiration. Today, Lowry lives in Cambridge, Mass. at age 78 with four children who carry out her legacy.

Lowry continues to do interviews and shoot photography to aid other children books.

These authors are what filled the minds of students growing up. Not only did they entertain students at such young ages, but they shaped their imaginations as well as their artistic and creative sides.


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