One Sport is Just not Enough

Above: Both Brian Arthur Thibault and Mike Formant are playing two sports at Lynn. LU Photo.
Above: Both Brian Arthur Thibault and Mike Formant are playing two sports at Lynn. LU Photo.


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Not many students in college are able to proudly call themselves student athletes.

Being a student athlete brings not only a large amount of responsibility, but it is also an honor to represent their respective schools.

Sophomores Brian Arthur Thibault and Mike Formant are both athletes on the men’s soccer and lacrosse teams.

“It’s like two different worlds,” said Thibault. “Soccer connects me with people all over the world, where as Lacrosse connects me with people all over my home country.”

Thibault started playing lacrosse after soccer, but his passions for both sports are unlimited. After speaking with Dante Egan, sophomore, about possibly playing on the same lacrosse team again after high school, he realized that he was going to pursue his passions in playing both sports in college.

Thibault has had a tremendous amount of achievements in the past two years.

“It makes my dad really proud. He drove a long way from Fort Myers Beach three times already to watch my lacrosse games this season,” said Thibault. “Overall my whole family is really proud and supportive.”

Being a dual athlete not only has positives, but it has negative downfalls as well.

When other teams have their off seasons Thibault and Formant stay on campus and work out every single day in order to stay in shape for constant competitions. It limits their free time, but both star athletes would not have chosen different.

Still both only talk positively about being challenged by both sports.

“Being a dual athlete is pretty sweet. I kind of get the best of both worlds by being a part of such a historic soccer program here at Lynn,” said Formant.

Formant just scored his first career goal for the lacrosse team this month.

“At the same time I get that unique experience of helping to build a strong lacrosse program. Both are great experiences to be part of,” said Formant.

Both of the Athletics and Academics Departments work seamlessly together to ensure student athletes not only succeed on the field, but also in the classroom.

Professors, advisors, coaches and mentors help Thibault and Formant balance the divide between playing sports year round and maintaining high grades in the classroom.

Formant and Thibault are two of the few athletes in Lynn history who have the privilege of playing two sports throughout their years in college.


Chris Hellmann

Chris Hellmann is a Lynn's Men Soccer player from Germany. Hellmann plans to play professional soccer after graduation. Not only is Hellmann dedicated to playing sports, but also writing about it. He started working in the field of journalism by working for a local newspaper in Germany. He also worked with a German professional soccer team where he covered games and worked with the advertising department.

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