From Serrano, Italy To Florida

Above:Gabriele Regazzi is enjoying his time studying abroad in South Florida. LU Photo.
Above:Gabriele Regazzi is enjoying his time studying abroad in South Florida. LU Photo.


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Lynn is known for having a large international student body, giving students the opportunity to learn the many different cultures that vary all around the world.

Gabriele Regazzi is a senior from Serrano, Italy, studying american studies and communications.

Regazzi first heard of Lynn when he left Italy to attend his senior year of high school in Orlando.

After enjoying the American culture, Regazzi wanted to remain in the states for college, instead of moving back home.

“A lot of people would say being so far away from home [is hard at first], but I find it does not [apply to me],” said Regazzi. “I feel very comfortable here to be honest.”

When Regazzi is not in class, he likes to spend his free time working out at the gym, drawing, writing or even sketching new artwork.

Regazzi is easy-going, self aware and an open minded thinker.

“I thinks stuff out, rather than [doing] them,” said Regazzi. “You will see me tell you all of the plans of my life before I do them.”

Regazzi believes that although he has always been an open minded person, he does think that he has changed drastically since his days as a freshman.

“When I first came here, I would only wear Ed Hardy shirts with the glitter,” said Regazzi. “It was from the men’s section; it was cool.”

It may appear that any student who walks around in a glitter t-shirt is fearless, but even Regazzi has fears relating to his life and dreams.

His fears relate around the subject of unfulfillment.

“It’s very complex,” said Regazzi. “I started to dream big when I was 14 years old.”

As people grow older, it becomes clear that life can change them. In Regazzi’s case, he is still learning who he is and hopes to accomplish all of his goals and dreams one day.


Bianca Bonomo

Bianca Bonomo is a sophomore majoring in film. Bonomo is from Westchester, NY and has a love for writing and music. Many of Bonomo’s interests include going to concerts, outdoor sports, practicing the drums and writing short stories and songs. Bonomo is very outgoing and loves starting up a conversation with a stranger.

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