Taking Classes In Italy Is Simple

Above: The view of Florence, and a river through Italy. Stock Photo.
Above: The view of Florence, and a river through Italy. Stock Photo.


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The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) offers a diverse range of opportunities and connections for students to study abroad in a lwide variety of countries. Students who take advantage of these incredible opportunities can gain a unique experience of immersing themselves straight in a completely different culture.

One of these exceptional opportunities to take advantage of is the connection that Lynn has with one of the most innovative schools, Florence University of the Arts (FUA), located right in the center of Florence.

The institution receives applications from students all around the world every year. With being an Italian university, students from America will feel comfortable with the fact that Italians follow the same calendar as Americans do.

The focus of the university is for the students to have a hands-on experience, providing real life practices and training.

Some of the programs that FUA offers are culinary arts, hospitality management, wine studies and enology, photography and visual communication, fashion design and publishing.

The university counts with several photography studios, the Ganzo Restaurant – in which students are the chefs, the Fedora Pastry shop, where students are bakers and a fashion store with original designs made by students and faculty designers.

“You learn a lot more hands on. You learn a different culture and it’s a great experience to surround yourself [with] something other than American culture, said Breanna Bobadilla, graduate student. “You’re not just traveling there; you become a local,” aded Bobadilla.

“As a student I have a whole new respect for the international culture. It was incredible,” said Liz Raffa, senior.

Students are able to spend a full semester in the beautiful city of Florence. FUA is one of the most popular universities that students apply to when deciding to study abroad.

For more information visit the CLA website or stop by the office, located on the first floor next of Elmore Dining Commons.


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