Drake “Jungle” May Be A Prequel to Visual Albums

Above: Drake releases a brand new visual journey displayed all throughout a sequence of music videos. Stock Photo.
Above: Drake releases a brand new visual journey displayed all throughout a sequence of music videos. Stock Photo.


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The Rap/Hip-Hop industry is no stranger to music videos. In 2014, Beyoncé released her latest album, “Beyoncé”, where she gave a complete visual journey of her music throughout a sequence of music videos, telling a complete story.

Drake, notorious for his limited amount of interviews and spontaneous album drops, has joined the continuously growing visual music scene with the release of “Jungle,” a short film directed by Karim Huu Do. In this film, not much music is played other than two samples that Drake put in at the six minutes mark and at the end of the film.

Where the film lacks in music, it is made up by the quality content. It opens with Drake entering his $300,000 Phantom Rolls Royce from what appears to be a club or concert venue. As the 14 minute and 40 second film continues, Drake talks about what seems to be the always changing Rap/Hip-Hop music industry.

“The whole energy out here is changing you know? It’s getting dark man, quick. It’s like as you’re on the road anybody’s a target, you just don’t know where it’ll come from,” said Drake.

His monologue continues where he eventually gives a very vulnerable admission to himself and fans start stating his drinking and smoking habits, which have become more intense.

To not give too much away, the film shows Drake in what seems to be his life in Toronto before stardom, showcasing how ordinary his life used to be compared to his dark monologue about how complex his life has become.

“Listening to Drake’s current music, the tone of the film really links up with what he has been expressing,” said John D’elia, senior. “[Drake showcases] his frustrations with his life and what stardom has done, [but] I don’t really see what he has to be frustrated about. He’s successful and very rich.”

Drake is a smart businessman with individuals on his team who know how to play the right cards in marketing, so the question remains, if this is a prequel to what Drake and other artists will start to lead toward – visual albums? Or this may just be a way for Drake to give his fans a visual look into his current life.


Tyler Babcock

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