Sailing Through the Summer

Milkowski enjoying her time spent at the sea on her beloved boat.
Milkowski enjoying her time spent at the sea on her beloved boat.


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Nicoleta Milkowski, se­nior, is gearing up for her most exciting sum­mer vacation to date, which will be primar­ily spent enjoying life at sea on her very first boat.

Originally from chilly Rhode Island, Milkowski chose Florida as her col­lege destination because of the endless boating possi­bilities. Like many others, she loves the beach and en­joys being able to take ad­vantage of Florida’s gold­en coast all year around.

“The beach is [great] fun, but owning a boat just en­hances my time here in Boca,” said Milkowski.

Owning a boat pro­vides the means to take an abundance of trips to nearby countries, such as the Bahamas. Milkowski transferred to Lynn in the Spring of 2013 and knew the moment she arrived that she wanted to pur­chase a boat to be able to accomplish such things and fully take advantage of all Florida has to offer.

“It was always my life long dream to move to South Florida and to buy my very own boat,” Milkowski states.

Since beginning her sum­mer internship, Milkowski has been taking her boat out during the weekends. Being surrounded by deep blue waves after a work heavy week is the per­fect relaxation method, according to Milkowski.

To kick off her sum­mer vacation Milkowski and some friends took the boat from Boynton Beach, where she lives, all the way down to the Keys for a weekend.

There are many fun things to do on a boat, wake board­ing, tubing or even a giant inflatable banana. Fishing, snorkeling and tanning are some of Milkowski’s fa­vorite activities, but just being with friends and taking a break from ev­eryday life while cruising the ocean waves is the best part of being a boat owner.

“When I am on my boat it is like an escape from life,” she said.

With this in mind, it seems as if Milkowski has found the perfect blend of a unique man­ner of transportation and relaxation with her boat.

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