Street Art Is Coming Alive In Miami

Above: Various pieces of art work by many different artists line the streets of Miami in a cool set-up for students. Staff Photos / V. Haggar.
Above: Various pieces of art work by many different artists line the streets of Miami in a cool set-up for students. Staff Photos / V. Haggar.


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Located in Wynwood, Miami, the Art District is where the world’s most talented artists come together to create spectacular street art. More than 70 art galleries, museums, antique shops and collections can be found in the District.

According to Wynwood’s official website, developers rehabilitated what used to be warehouses, closed factories and abandoned buildings, turning them into museums, performing art spaces, cafés, restaurants and other innovative art businesses.

“Wyndwood is unique because it’s the Art District, and everywhere you go is touched by a different artist,” said Cecilia Echeandia, junior. “Everyone is there for one thing only and that is to appreciate art.”

Wynwood has become very popular since the Art Basel fair started back in 2002. Every year the Wynwood Walls celebrate art from around the world bringing a special and astounding program.

“My favorite part of Wynwood is definitely Wyndwood Walls,” said Valeria Figueroa, junior. “I love how real the art is and at the same time it’s filled with fantasy.”

The Wynwood Walls are recognized particularly for graffiti art.

“I’ve heard about the Art District from a lot of friends actually,” said Whitney Foster, junior. “And [I] saw pictures of graffiti from people on Instagram and Facebook. It looks amazing.”

Wynwood has become a must-see for tourists in Miami, a hot cultural spot for the locals and, of course, a dreamland for artists and everyone who celebrates art.
“I like a lot of the artists that display their art at Wynwood, but one of my favorites is a local artist named Abstrk,” said Andres Yidi, junior, who has been following the art at Wynwood throughout the years.

Wynwood Art District should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit. The retro and hippie neighborhood would expand imagination and make many appreciate the beauty in what once use to be the warehouse and manufacturing district of Greater Miami.


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